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Sat, Oct 05  


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By rock-ribbed Comaught my swift
vessels glide,
Like swans they are breasting the full flowing tide.
Warships and Gael. All ready to sail,
To sweep the salt sea
from Cape clear to Kinsale

Excerpt from Grania
She King of the Irish Seas
by: Morgan Llywelyn

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GRAINNE O'MAILLE or Grace O'Malley as she is known in English, is one of the most prominent women in the history of Mayo. Born in 1530, Grainne was the daughter of the Chieftain of the O'Malley clan who ruled the kingdom of Umhall on the West coast of Mayo.
Described in her time as "a most famous feminine sea captain", Grainne aggressively defended and maintained her family fortunes through both legitimate trade and piracy on the Atlantic waters.

Grainne was often referred to as "The Pirate Queen of Connaught". With residences on Clare Island, Achill Island, Westport and Carraigahowley on Clew Bay, Grainne's influence and reputation was far reaching throughout not only Mayo but also in Britain, France, Spain and Portugal.

She is now described as the most remarkable woman in Irish history and is admired and respected for her brave and unconventional role as an Irish woman. Grainne's life was long and full of peril, loves, losses and gains. She became a legend, which in turn became a myth, for the men of Ireland would not acknowledge a woman as a warrior, patriot and leader.

Strangely, there can be found no reference to Grainne in what may be called the National Annals, most probably because the official chroniclers would not recognize a female chieftan as head of her tribe.

While some of this information has been pirated from the Internet and our friend Tony O'Callahan, a true Irish storyteller ..... rest assured that the items offered for sale at Grainne O'Maille have all been acquired by legitimate means.

We look forward to seeing you.

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"Tough as her men, she cut her hair short, wore scruffy clothes, handled a cutlass and pistols with ease, and played cards like a fiend," -- which apparently didn't doom the Irish outlaw to a lonely life.

Grainne O'Maille, Alliston, Ontario, Canada

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